Our frequently asked questions
  • What is evident?

    Evident is the most comprehensive, cloud-based dental lab management software on the market, while still being easy-to-use. We offer all you need to manage your laboratory from Rx to invoice, with powerful features to manage cases, clients, invoices, reporting, and payments. Join us to find out why we are the world's number 1 dental lab management software.

  • Why do I need evident?

    Evident streamlines your administration tasks to help make your lab more efficient. Create invoices/statements, track cases and generate reports all within minutes.

  • Is evident just for large labs?

    Evident is for labs of all sizes. From a single person operation to a multi location lab group, evident has a package for you. Compete with labs of any size by utilising the world's number 1 dental lab management software. See which solution suits your lab. Compare Packages

  • Can I import my existing data?

    Evident allows you to import existing data easily. Let us do it for you, it will only take a few minutes and it's free.

  • Are updates included? How often do you update evident?

    Updates are FREE! We are always updating evident to maintain our lead as the most advanced cloud-based lab management system available. Customer feedback drives a constant streamlines of product improvements.

  • Is evident secure?

    Evident is your full service lab management software, adhering to HIPAA's strict privacy regulations. Your data has never been safer with evident.

  • Are there any surprise charges?

    Nope. Product updates and new features are included.

  • Will I be able to accept credit card payments?

    Evident allows you to process payments with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Meaning you and your doctors can process payments online and over the phone securely.

  • What is the receivables management solution (RMS)?

    With evident's RMS you can process payments online anytime, anywhere to save you time and receive your money faster. With one click you doctors can pay their bill online with evident.

  • Does evident work on Mac computers?

    Yes! It works on all desktop computer operating systems, as well as your smart phone & tablet! evident even allows you to set up your lab with barcode scanning from your existing devices.

  • My accountant uses Quickbooks? Does evident integrate with it?

    Yes! evident allows you to export your financial data into quickbooks in a simple, easy & secure way.

  • How long does it take to get up and running with evident?

    New customers generally take 2-3 hours of training to get up & running.

  • Can my doctors benefit from my lab switching to evident?

    Yes! Your doctors will get access to our easy to use, HIPAA compliant dentist portal. Cut down on the number of phone calls from your doctors and let evident's client portal do the work for you.

  • How do I learn more about evident?

    Contact us to find out more, our friendly knowledgeable staff are happy to help.